Special edition ALAS x WILD LOVE Sleep Tea

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This special edition Sleep Tea will send you off into z-z-z land in no time. The properties of each herb work together to relieve insomnia by calming an overactive mind, soothing the nervous system & supporting the adrenal glands to ease you into a restful sleep.

Made with love in New Zealand, Sleep Tea is a collaboration between ALAS & Wild Love


The ALAS story

Kelly Elkin, and Betony Dircks. We met in 2004 on the first day of our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and immediately connected over our mutual love for bright colours and prints. It went deeper than this however, and we soon realized we also shared a staunch commitment to our environment and the people who live in it. It seemed only natural that with our core values aligned, we would continue to work together for what has now been 10 years (and counting!).

Since our humble beginnings in 2011, ALAS has built a reputation around the world for our well designed, high quality, sustainably produced sleepwear. All ALAS prints are created by us and guest designers we love, with each clothing item made from seed to cloth in India under fair trade standards.

We now have a resume of well-regarded boutiques internationally and online such as GOOP, Shopbop, and we’re pretty chuffed to count Tavi Gevinson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophie Lowe as fans of our sleepwear and pyjama collections.

We have been passionate advocates for sustainability and ethical clothing production practices our whole lives, and as we see the community grow, we feel excited and privileged to be a part of this important movement.

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